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Steven P. Glusman, M.D


Sun City Neurology is an adult general neurology practice.

Dr. Glusman will no longer be available during the typical daytime hours. We may be opening up on Saturdays, but no arrangement is in place at the moment, and so we are not scheduling appointments at this time.

Any Veterans should switch their care over to the El Paso VA Healthcare Center as soon as possible.  Any new patients who get any healthcare through the VA must be seen at the VA, and can not be seen through this practice.  Sorry, we just can't do that any longer.  It is a violation of VA regulations.

The office is currently in the process of moving.  We are no longer located at 1015 N. Zaragoza Road.   If and when a new officed location is available, we will let everyone know as soon as possible.

  Please Watch this website

We realize that this is an inconvenience to everyone, and we apologize, but unfortunately, we were unable to avoid the current situation.  In the meantime, it is completely understandable if you want to switch providers, and if you have frequent needs, it is probably advisable to switch your neurologic care over to another provider.

To contact the practice, please write to: 

Suncity Neurology, P.A.
3800 N. Mesa Suite A-2 #102
El Paso, TX  79902

We will be happy to forward your records to your new provider.  It is easiest for us to do this electronically, and we do not charge for this. Please send a signed request allowing us to release your records, and then give us the name, the address, the phone number and the fax number of the doctor that you would like us to send your records to.

If you want hard copies of your records sent directly to you, this will take longer, and there is a charge, based on the number of pages etc..  These charges are basically standard charges which are set  by the state. We will follow all of the appropriate price guidelines and regulations.

Not all of the following information is current.  It is now in the process of being updated.

This is primarily an adult neurology practice, but in some special circumstances, some patients under 18 years of age may be seen on an individual (case by case) basis.
Ask your doctor to speak with
Dr. Glusman directly.

                                                                                We are not seeing patients at this time

If you were already seen in a hospital by Dr. Glusman, and Dr. Glusman has agreed to follow you in the office, be sure to mention that you are scheduling a
 "hospital follow-up appointment".

But if you were seen in the Emergency Room or in a "walk in" or "urgent care" clinic by another doctor, nurse or physician's assistant (but not by Dr. Glusman), 
and you were told to "follow up with Dr. Glusman", or to "follow up with a neurologist" then you are a brand new patient and not a "follow up", and you need
a full 60 minute "new patient appointment slot".

You need a referral from your primary doctor. ----- We like for you to have a referral (even if you think that your insurance doesn't require it).

Sorry, Doctor Glusman can not and will not be your primary or only physician. You must have a primary doctor.

If your insurance coverage has changed, or if another company has bought up your plan, you will need a
new referral and authorization from your doctor which has been approved by your insurance carrier ---- even if you have been an established patient. This must be taken care of well before you appear for your appointment.

We do need your medical records, your CT Scans, your MRI's etc.  Come prepared.  Bring this stuff with you so that you don't waste a lot of time.  In almost all cases, you do need to make an appointment.

Sorry, we don't take "walk ins".

But, we do see our established headache patients for emergency migraine treatment -- in the office. Please try to call us in the morning, if you have a migraine emergency.
Usually, you can be seen and treated ---on the same day.

We accept Medicare and most commercial insurance plans. Currently, we can accept only a very limited amount of Medicaid (we are not providers for Amerigroup or for Molina).

We don't like unpleasant, last minute surprises, and we are sure that you don't either.  So, please verify your coverage and approval or authorization to be seen with our office, well before the day of your appointment..

We can also take many Worker's Compensation cases, but all worker's compensation cases have to be pre-authorized in writing.

Affiliations: hospital affiliations

Medical and Professional Societies: medical societies

We do neuro-physiologic testing,: nerve conduction / EMG, Digital EEG (electroencephalography) and now cognitive testing at the office.  These tests will be scheduled as needed.

We also see patients with the Cyberonics VNS (vagus nerve stimulator). We can interrogate and program these devices.

We can interrogate and program Medtronic DBS devices (Deep Brain Stimulators) for Parkinson's Disease, Tremor and Dystonias

We offer neurological evaluation and treatment for a wide variety of conditions. See: neurologic problems

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